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See y’all again in January ;)

Working  on  some  good  stuff  for  the  new  year!!  In  the  meantime,  would  you  join  me  in  praying  that  this  podcast would  bring  glory  and  honor  to  God  in  whatever  is  said  and  done?  I  appreciate and  covet  your  prayers!

Podcast Episodes & Show Notes

Episode 1- My story


The greatest compliment I’ve ever been given was when someone told me that they appreciated my transparency, and loved how real I was. But it wasn’t an easy path getting to that place where I could say that I was living authentically!!

Did you know that God isn’t looking for “certain types” of people to use? Not the good girls, not the smart girls, He’s looking for willing hearts. 

Find out how you too can say “...But God meant it for good.” Because, He did.


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Episode 2- Character Building


Let’s talk about personal development and why it’s so important!

All those seasons that are so confusing, or uncomfortable are all part of our training ground. What we are going through is necessary in order for us to get to where we need to be.

Episode 3- mistakes


Don’t let the mistakes that you’ve made define you. It’s so easy to stick labels on things based off of choices made- Like the “prodigal” son. 

God never stops loving us! He never stops waiting for us to return to Him!

Episode 4- labels


Today I go further into the subject of labels. 

The prodigal, doubting Thomas. Did these labels define who they were?

Don’t let the labels define you!

Episode 5- Identity


Let’s talk about our identities! How can we know who we really are? Why  is  authenticity  important?  I  answer  these  questions  for  you  in  todays  episode.  

Episode 6- Obedience


Continuing to grow in the Lord, and how to do it better!

Let go of the control, and let God have it...He handles it much better than we do!

Are you coming from a place of control born out of fear? This episode is for YOU!

Episode 7- Use the Stuff


We  all  have  “stuff”  in  our  lives.  In todays episode I talk  about  how  we  can  use  the  stuff  for  God’s  glory!

episode 8- Telling Your Story


Tell your story for His glory Sister!!

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episode 9- The Puzzle


All the “stuff” in our lives are pieces of a grand puzzle that God has designed specifically for us. Every detail was carefully planned and orchestrated by our most loving Savior, and each puzzle piece serves a purpose in our lives that has an ultimate goal of bringing glory and honor to Him.

episode 10- The Potter


Let's talk pottery, but not really ;)

The Cracked Pot is from www.bible.org

episode 11- Are You Willing


Are you willing to embrace and tell your story? You’ll never  know the ripple effect you have on earth until you stand in Glory one day. 

episode 12


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