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About Me


My Passion

For a very long time, I ran from the calling of God on my life. I was living in fear and enslaved by a past that I was letting determine who I could be. Or...who I could never be. I’m so thankful that God opened my eyes and allowed me to see that my life- my entire life- was and is for His glory. 

I am determined to help as many people as I can to realize that no matter what you have done, or what has been done to you, God has a purpose for all of it, and He wants to use you in a mighty way!! He’s looking for a willing heart. That’s all! 

Experience the freedom in letting go of the past, and in letting God work through you. This  is  why  I  created  4HisGlory  Ministries,  and my  prayer  is  to  reach  as  many  as  I  can,  and  to  see  lives  changed 4HisGlory!!


some deets!

Hey y’all! Lynn here! I’m so excited that you decided to visit. Some of you may know me, others may not! So allow me to tell you a little about myself besides just the basics! 

I have always enjoyed writing, but never stayed consistent. I’d start a blog and do really well, then the next thing I knew I was logging in, and it had been so long since my last post that I couldn’t remember my password any longer!!! Inconsistent as I was, I always found myself going back to it. Writing is something that has always been here, like an old friend that I’d spend time with for awhile, then we’d go our separate ways for awhile. It wasn’t until recently that I realized why this passion of mine kept popping up. Now, I am venturing out into deeper waters with my writing and it’s been very  soul fulfilling. I finally feel like I know what it is that God has actually called me to do and it feels good! I’m in new territory right now, and thrilled that you all are along for the ride with me!

I love to read. I enjoy many different genres and love to hear about what everyone else is reading!

I also love music. Of all kinds!! My running playlist includes everything from Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl” to NF’s “Green Lights”. Don’t judge me!! I do have a favorite genre of music though- and that’s praise and worship. Music is and always will be my love language. I know it’s not technically one of the love languages- but I have made it mine.

My favorite non-human thing in all the world is ... cats. Kittens. I’m obsessed. Unapologetically so. 

•  I have been married to Matthew for 26 years and we have 4 amazing children and two precious grandsons: our daughter Shelby and her husband Billy, their beautiful baby boy ”B” , our son Wes, his wife Olivia and their baby boy Matthew, our daughter Gracie, and our son Andy. These guys are the loves of my life and I am so thankful that God chose to let me be wife, and then mother and Lolli to the greatest people I know!

God has also placed my  husband  and  I  into a group of amazing believers whom I consider friends and family. Being able to minister with and alongside these folks is an honor that I don’t take lightly!